Winning examines historic and modern-day military campaigns to reveal universal principles that are crucial for winning daily victories and sustaining success.

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Ayobami Adebanjo

Life is complex, made more difficult by years of trying to figure out religion… so when I am introduced to a resource that builds my relationship with Jesus one simple truth at a time, written in an easy- to – understand, definitely relatable way, I stick with it.

Pastor Femi’s writings challenges one to spiritual growth without an iota of judgement and encourages one’s journey without being permissive/compromising the truth.  Truth is always spoken to power but in love at all times.

You will like WINNING book by Olufemi Monehin.


Mr Michael Ikpoki:

I find two things amazing about Pastor Femi Monehin’s writings:

1. The volume of practical wisdom in one page. His writing is practical and relevant to the lives of its readers. It is easily readable, almost too easily readable, but the nuggets of wisdom therein are most invaluable and gives us a kick to start the day with zeal knowing who we are and whose we are in Christ. It is indeed very uplifting.

2. His writings have a way of connecting with some of the specific challenges we face in our everyday life. It is almost like someone is walking with us as we face our issues in our everyday lives. The messages are timely and precise to specific issues.


Ann Ayinde:

Sometimes you read a book and though you do not agree 100% with what the author says, you pick and choose what to accept and use. Rarely do you find a book or an author that ticks all the right boxes – Writing style, Content, Authority and Practical applicability.

Pastor Olufemi Monehin is one of such unique authors. His writing style is one that makes you sit back and enjoy a good read, and at the same time makes you sit on edge, fired up for next levels.

His writings are such an inspirational, Heaven-endorsed materials  that I cannot but read everyday – How do I know it is heaven-endorsed? When you read a book that speaks to your heart, speaks to specific situations you are facing as well as provide a practical, common-sense ways to make changes to your life, you know it can only be heaven-endorsed.

From storytelling to practical principles to inspiring wake-up calls, his writing style is so unique that it grabs your complete attention.

I can pick up ANY of His books and be rest-assured that I will get up a changed person with a practical plan that WILL change my life.

You can tell that Olufemi Monehin pours himself into his books – his writing is so intimate that it reaches deep into your soul and changes you from within. It is evident that this writer really and truly wants you to succeed and WIN!


Bisola Dike

Reading books by Pastor Femi Monehin has changed my life as I have drawn deep wisdom and practical insight for intentional living from his books, this has helped me to resolve key personal issues, work related issues, issues on the home front and general life issues.

From interacting with his writings, I have learnt and developed healthy habits for living. For years now, his writings have been a good gift to my circle of friends and extended families who have in turn shared with me, loads of testimonies of wisdom, revelations, direction, breakthrough,deliverance etc


Tutu Ogunjobi:

Pastor Olufemi Monehin is a writer that is refined and obviously committed to the things of God. He brings a fresh perspective and helps one to understand the heart and mind of God on many issues that the world had no clue on how to solve.


I have been reading his writings for years now and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon because I see myself in it and the plans God has for me too. His writings have helped me to be more than just a better person or a good human, it has helped me to seek kindness and solution in every relationship I find myself. It also says I am the solution. I plan to continue to grow like a tree planted by the riverside.


Mrs Joyce Omotosho

These writings serve as a mirror for me to check myself as I go through everyday. His writings are factual and easily relatable.

He completely demystifies the reality that God speaks to us at all times. It makes me to know that God speaks to me about me. He doesn’t need a 3rd party between us. He speaks to me through different media. This easy to read book is power packed and totally enlightens every one that reads it.


Keyede Oye

I have found Pastor Femi Monehin’s writings to be easy to understand and practical to apply in everyday life. It’s usually so real and alive and it has on several occasions provided me the answers I needed for specific situations. What I also find valuable is the consistently relevant content which is applicable for career, work, marriage, family, relationships and spiritual growth.